New Born

New Born collection is the latest addition to TITOT’s brand.

When I was pregnant with my third baby, I remembered that I was lacking few things in Lydia’s and Anthony’s layette; e.g. slippers that would fit newborn’s feet even better. Slippers did not always hold on the teeny tiny feet and usually right after slippers, socks also fell off. Newborn feet are only 6-8 cm and I made size that fits for 9 cm, so in the beginning they would fit with a sock on, and later on bare feet. I wanted also to make a set with hat and leggings that would fit for cloth diapers that a lot of parents are using (as we did) for their babies and it would fit perfectly.

With our first two kids we were using mittens. On American market there was a lot of choice, but none of them worked for me. So I designed mine the way that the welt holds well on hand but doesn't squeeze too hard. It’s big enough to fit other fabric and it also looks good. Mittens are two-sided and seamless, so they can be used on both sides and it doesn't irritate baby's skin.

Whole collection is available in 25 colours and patterns, made of plain or organic cotton so everyone can find something suitable. Newborn products are available separately or in sets with a beautiful cardboard packaging.