Slippers from Poland

TITOT Slippers are made by hand in our shop in Silesia with high quality materials.

Our story goes back to 2012. It was time when we were expecting our second child. Back then, we still lived in USA, but we already knew that two months after Anthony was born will be moving to Poland.

In USA soft sole slippers are available in all patterns and colors, in many stores and also Etsy platform. And then I thought to myself: “Hey, soft sole slippers for newborns and kids are not that popular in Poland yet, so why not start doing that?”

From now on I had a goal to introduce good quality, comfortable, holding well on feet and nice for eyes slippers. Since 2014 our collection has grew from 30 up to almost 100 patterns. Currently our choice of handmade soft sole slippers is the biggest in Poland. Size table is also growing together with our kids. As a standard sizes we offer slippers from 0 to 5 years. To make maternity even more pleasant I decided to make women’s size from 35 to 41, so Moms can also enjoy the comfort.

Our slippers are perfect for kids at every age. We also make bigger sizes to special order. Soft sole shoes are recommended for kids that start to get up or take their first steps. Soft slippers perfectly adjust to foot shape and they let them grow naturally.

TITOT slipper are comfortable, healthy and colorful. In our store you will find over hundred patterns and colors of slippers made of best quality cotton. Inside they are lined with bamboo velour and soft minky and outside made with micro-suede. We can make any size to order. TITOT slippers are 100% made by our seamstresses in our workshop in Bytom.

Enjoy the comfort! ;)


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