Golden Pot Adult Slippers
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Golden Pot Adult Slippers

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Women's slippers TITO Golden Pot

Our slippers are the most comfortable home slippers. They are soft and light and easy to put on.

TITOT shoes are comfortable shoes around the house and outside when dry.

Slippers are made only from natural fabrics,
making them soft and comfortable.

The outer fabric is 100% cotton, thanks to which the feet breathe.

Inside, the slippers are finished with bamboo knitwear, so that the feet do not sweat while wearing.

TITOT slippers also have a cotton filling between the leather sole, and a bamboo layer as additional insulation from the cold floor.

The soft leather sole does not restrict the shape of the feet, thanks to which the foot works in accordance with its nature. The slippers are non-slip.

Machine wash the slippers at 30 degrees with similar colors without adding softeners just washing liquid is fine. Do not use powders or children's washing liquids as they can cause discoloration of fabrics. Dry flat.

In order for the slippers not to lose their anti-slip properties, they should be washed regularly.

Wear TITOTs with tags on the outside.

Our slippers can be worn barefoot as well as with socks.

Thank you for choosing #titot ❤️


Size insole in cm
36 23,5 cm
37 24 cm
38 24,5 cm
39 25 cm
40 25,5 cm
41 26 cm