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Welcome to TITOT world. I'm glad you are here with me. I am Marta and I am mom of 3 sweet babies and TITOT mom as well.

TITOT is a Polish brand I established in 2014 and since then whole manufacturing is taking place in Bytom, town in the south of Poland, known for it's textile craftsmanship.

(Ms. Asia cutting leather parts)
I inherited my moms workshop and that is where all TITOT magic happens now.
TITOT is a team of qualified and creative designers and seamstresses.
(Ms. Halinka adjusting the fabrics)
We offer original, high-quality slippers, clothes and accessories in colorful and fashionable designs for babies and children. I started TITOT because my love for children, a fondness for design, and preference towards colorful and comfortable clothing. Each product has been designed by me and tested by our children prior to being offered for sale.
(Ms. Marzena labeling finished slippers)

All of my products are hand-made in Poland using high-quality fabrics, both imported from all over the world and from local fabric mills, allowing us to keep up with the latest trends and evolving tastes.

I hope you are going to stay with TITOT for a while.


Marta Gian